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Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Knowing and understanding your rights are important to us at Frontier Apt Movers. If you suspect fraud or misrepresentation from your local moving company please look at the bottom of this page for very useful information including your rights, protecting yourself from fraud, and how to file a claim. While there are many honest and dependable moving companies in Phoenix, there are a handful of “Rouge moving companies” that prey on and take advantage of customers. They often can get away with it if you don’t know your rights and responsibilities.

If you hire movers from Craigslist or pick up some helpers, you are basically on your own and you take risk of injuries and damages to your belongings. You more than likely will have no rights. Also, be sure the company you hire actually owns their own truck and main location. You will be surprised to find that there are moving companies pretending to be “professional movers”, but are using a cell phone and a rental truck. It’s your responsibility to check with Better Business Bureau, or other verification methods.

There are three categories of professional movers. Local – Intrastate – Interstate

Local Movers: Typically a local moving company has one location in or close to a major city. They typically operate within a 50 to 100 mile radius. Local moving companies are licensed in the city they operate out of and are not authorized to cross state lines. They usually charge by the hour and will charge a trip/travel fee that includes fuel and travel time to get their movers to and from your location. They could add surcharges for unusual items or special handling and fragile items. Local movers will charge extra for packing materials, shrink wrap, tape, etc.

Some local movers may use a flat rate instead of hourly rates, especially when your move is outside of city limits. Always ask for the rates in writing and ask about extra fees. Local moving companies will have a minimum service charge, usually between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your size move and how many movers you will require. Some local moving companies tell you they have no trip/travel fee, but then charge you a percentage of your total bill for fuel. It’s your responsibility to ask and request it in writing.

Intrastate Movers: Intrastate movers provide moving services within the state boundaries. They are not authorized to cross state lines without special permits from the state they enter. An intrastate move originates and the destination are within the same state. They typically have one or more locations within their state and will provide moving services that are several hundred miles apart. Do not expect local hourly rates for intrastate moves. Although, some moving companies will charge an hourly rate for loading and unloading, but will have a huge travel/trip fee to cover fuel and labor cost.

Most intrastate movers charge by cubic feet of space used, weight, or piece rate, also known as flat rate moving.  Some states are large such as Texas and California, and sometimes be further distance than an interstate move. Intrastate movers will price these moves at their own discretion and may vary widely between companies. It pays to shop around once you find a handful of moving companies that have a good reputation.

Interstate Moving Companies: Interstate moving companies are licensed to travel across state lines. They will have a Department Of Transportation number assigned to them that gives them authorization to carry goods across state lines. An interstate moving company is not a good choice to hire for a local move or an intrastate move as they have more overhead cost to operate and the rates will be much higher. Many of them have large trucks such as a semi-truck to handle more than one household, and may not own smaller trucks for local moves. It is your responsibility to choose the proper moving company for your needs.

It’s important to know if your interstate moving company is the carrier or if they are a broker for several interstate moving companies.

If you moving within Arizona and have an issue with your moving company such as theft, surprise charges that were not on your original contract or your load is missing, you can contact your Arizona State Police. You can file a complaint with HOUSEHOLD GOODS (HHG) ENFORCEMENT.

If you are moving to Arizona from another state and believe you have encountered fraud or a crime has been committed by your carrier, you can  File a complaint against an interstate carrier.

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