What to Do While Movers Are Moving

It takes months to plan and prepare for moving day. When the day finally arrives, you can take it easy and let the movers do their job.

Some people are tempted to keep an eagle eye and supervise the hired movers. DON’T. You’re paying good money to have professionals help you. Let them help you. If you are constantly at their backs checking if they are handling your piano carefully, not scuffing your walls, or scratching the hardwood, you are simply making things difficult for them.

The best thing to do is to keep out of their way. However, if you don’t feel comfortable NOT doing anything, you can do some things that will make moving day easier.

Your movers are likely to appreciate it if you do the following:

Welcome them and take them around your home so they know exactly what they need to pack up and load

Before the packers come on moving day, they would have already conducted an in-home visual inspection right before giving you their price quotations. They have a fairly good idea about the work that needs to be done. However, they are likely to appreciate it if you show them around again and give them all the information they need.

Provide easy, convenient, and hassle-free access

Show your movers where to park their moving vehicle. Show them the easiest access to your house. This will help them figure out the best way to carry boxes out of your home.
Tell them ahead of time if there are constraints like parking or moving hours. They would certainly be annoyed if they get stuck with a parking ticket because you didn’t bother to tell them about the parking hours.

Have everything packed and labeled for your movers

If you’re paying for a full-service move, the moving company will pack your things for you. However, if you’re paying only for moving services, see to it that you have everything packed and ready to go when the movers show up. This guarantees a quick and efficient move.

Clear out your cabinet drawers and put everything in appropriate boxes. Label each box according to where it should go in your new home. This makes it easy for the movers to put the boxes in the right rooms when they unload things in your new home.

You save money and time if everything is ready for the movers to load into the moving truck or van when they pull in into your home. If you still have a lot of things to pack, the movers will wait. You’re wasting their time. And you end up paying more because you’re paying for their time – regardless of how it is spent.

Anticipate their needs

Your movers will be in your home for quite some time during moving day. Show them where the bathroom is and prepare disposable paper towels, liquid soap, and other things they’ll need.
They have a physically demanding job to do. They will work up a sweat. Prepare coffee, tea, water, and cold refreshments for them and put these in an accessible place.

Provide snacks like granola bars, bananas, and sandwiches to help them keep their energy up. It is also a good idea to order pizza or some other easy-to-eat lunch for them.
Keep important documents and small, valuable, and fragile possession in your car.

You can expect professional movers to do everything they can to avoid loss or damage during a move. However, accidents may happen.

Minimize risk by packing small expensive electronics, artwork, jewelry, important documents, and other valuable items in a clearly labeled box and put this box in the vehicle that you’re driving.
Doing this reduces stress – for you, as well as for your movers. It allows your movers to focus on what you can’t do — heavy lifting.

Mark boxes that require gentle handling

If you have boxes that contain something fragile, clearly mark these boxes. Movers, no matter how good they are at their jobs, are not psychic. They need to know if certain boxes have to be handled with more-than-the-usual care.

Keep pets and children out of the way

Your movers can’t do their work fast if kids and pets are in the way. Moreover, your home during moving day is not a safe place to be for kids and pets.
Designate a safe room where the children can stay with an adult. You can also consider hiring a babysitter.

Keep pets away from where all the action is. Keep them in a safe room; provide them with the litter boxes, food, and water that they may need. You can also leave them with a neighbor until the movers finish their job.

Don’t disappear on the movers

Your movers don’t need you to be around all the time while they do their work. However, they need to be able to consult with somebody if problems or doubts arise. Let them know how to get in touch with you if they need to. Better yet, assign somebody you trust to be accessible for consultation.

Make sure that you are around to handle the paperwork when the job is done.

Don’t forget to have some cash on hand for tips to show your appreciation to your movers.