Moving Your Wine

Special care and precautions need to be taken when moving your expensive wine collection. Our professional movers are qualified to safely pack your wine. You should consider the total value of your collection and decide whether to move your wine in a traditional moving van or hire a company that offers climate control vehicles or move it yourself in your personal vehicle.

We do not offer climate controlled vehicles.

Extreme Temperatures

Taking extra caution in the summer months, winter months and humid conditions will be required for the do-it-yourself wine owners. Wine should be transported between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintaining the ideal temperatures is the most critical step to the success of wine transporting. Excessive heat can cause the wine to spoil. It will also cause the wine to expand, possibly pushing the cork out or drying out the cork. Just a few minutes in 95 degree weather can damage the entire collection. Exposure to oxygen for extended periods with dry rotting corks can cause your wine to taste like vinegar.

Fluctuating Temperatures

The ambient air temperature for wine should never fluctuate more than 5 degrees. Temperature fluctuations can cause the wine to expand and contract causing it to draw air into the bottle. Repeated expanding and contracting from temperature variations tend to deplete the freshness of your wine.

Relative Humidity

Humidity is another issue that will need to be closely monitored while transporting or storing your wine collection. Wine needs to be in a constant humidity level between 50 and 80 percent. Less than 50 percent humidity can cause the cork to dry out and shrink, which will allow air to enter the bottle. More than 80 percent humidity for extended periods of time could potentially develop mildew.

Ideal temperature for wine is 55 degrees and 70 percent humidity.

Value of Your Wine Collection

It is important to know the value of your high value wines prior to shipping. Some vintage wines may have gained in value over a period of time that you have owned them. If you are unsure of the value you may want to consider locating a professional wine appraiser. Contacting your local wine shops or distributors should find you a professional wine appraiser.

Packing Wine

Our customers can save a lot of money by packing and transporting their own wine collection. Special care will need to be taken when packing your own wine. You will want to consider specialized cartons designed to transport wine safely. While there are several different designs and protection we recommend obtaining wine packing cartons that have Styrofoam inserts to keep the bottles separated and cushion against damage. You can find them at your local wine supply store or check out this site

Transporting Wine

Transport your wine on their side as you do when storing them. Prevent excessive shaking or vibration. The wine within the bottle will vibrate during transport and possible shock could occur. The vibrations may cause natural sediment to stir up, but this will not damage your wine. If opened too soon you risk loss of flavor and value. Allow your wine to rest in a quiet controlled environment for a period of 7 to 10 days before opening them.

wine on counter ready to be packed


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