Tips for a Hassle-Free and Profitable Garage Sale

Doing a garage sale before moving out offers many benefits. It helps you minimize the number of items you have to move. It also lets you earn some bucks that you can use to tip movers, prepare a housewarming party, or buy new home essentials.

However, you can’t just do a garage sale whenever you want to. If you want to reap the profits and dispose of items quickly, you should plan it well. Below are some of the tips to ensure a hassle-free and profitable garage sale.

garage sale moving

Choose a date when people have more free time

Weekend and holiday sales tend to generate more revenue because people have more free time to shop around. When choosing a weekend or holiday though, make sure it’s not at a time when people would like to spend time on the beach or back in their hometowns.

Check with the authorities

These days, you need to get a permit to set up a garage sale in your neighborhood. Most neighborhood associations put up this rule as a way to prepare the others for the possible number of buyers from other towns or cities. Aside from the authorities, notify your own neighbors as well. They might want to buy or sell along with you.

Collect and sort them out

One of the most stressful parts of doing a garage sale is gathering items to sell. You have to scour your closets, storage room, attic and basement for items you no longer use. You should be able to find clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, and books, among others. You may also consider selling decors and lamps. If you intend to buy new furniture and appliances, you might want to include your old ones in your sale.

Cooking and dining wares may be added as well. However, you may have to think twice if the said items hold sentimental value. If you like to downsize though, minimizing your plate and cup collections will be of great help.

Once you’ve compiled everything you want to sell, sort them according to the type and then according to their condition. As for clothes, sort them according to sizes. Your buyers will also feel more at ease if you separate the clothes based on age range and gender.

Determine the prices of each item

You can always go online to find similar prices of the items you’re selling. However, you shouldn’t just copy the published prices. You have to weigh on the age and condition of your items, too.
Some buyers are going to negotiate as well. Thus, instead of determining a fixed price for items, consider having a price range. Go for the highest amount but adjust them during the negotiation. Make sure you won’t go any lower than your price range though.

Offer discounts for multiple purchases

Selling an item in a garage sale for a lower price is way better than not selling the item at all. To entice buyers to get more items, offer them discounts whether the items are similar or not. Another option is to give them one free item if they purchase three or more items without bargaining for the price.

For bigger items like furniture, you can opt to sell per piece. After all, most buyers in garage sales are there to find affordable secondhand goods.

Prepare the needed materials for the sale

You’re going to need tables and shelves so you can display some of the items. For the clothes, you’ll need racks, hangers, and boxes.

Don’t forget to set up lights and provide some shade. It’s not like you will sell the said items inside your garage. This way, you can prepare for possible rain or heat. If the sale goes on beyond afternoon, you’ll also feel relieved because you’ve put up lights beforehand.

You should also stock up on stickers, tapes and packaging materials. Write the price of each item on a sticker and cut it. Stick it on the item later on. Instead of stickers, you can also use washi tapes, but make sure the marker stands out against the color and design. You’re going to use the tape and packaging materials for successful sales.

Advertise online and locally

Create an ad on a classified ads site and promote your garage sale on your own social networking sites. You should also distribute flyers in front of a nearby deli or supermarket. Consider putting up posters as well. Make sure your ads contain the location, time and date of your garage sale. It may also be helpful to take snaps of your items and post them online. By doing so, buyers can notify you to make reservations beforehand.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the sale as well. It’s bound to be stressful so make sure you have food and water supply with you. Lock your home as well. You might not notice who’s going in when you’re busy entertaining buyers.

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