Refrigerator Water Pressure & Moving

refrigerator movingTypically moving companies do not disconnect or reconnect your water lines from your refrigerator. If you attempt to do this your self be sure you prepare your self with the proper tools and safety equipment.

1) Pull your refrigerator away from the wall being careful not to stretch the water line too far.

2) Locate your water shut off valve. These are normally found behind the refrigerator or under your sink. If you cannot locate a shut-off valve you may consider shutting off the main water supply to the entire house or call a qualified plumber.

2) Using a small end wrench that fits the couplers tightly or using an adjustable wrench or pliers, turn the fittings until they are finger lose then spin them off until the hose is completely removed. Be sure to use a cap fitting on the end so water does not leak or spray out when the water is turned back on.

When reconnecting your refrigerator to a water supply be sure to use a new filter and do not over tighten your water connection. Be sure to slowly turn the water on and wait for the pressure to build up before normal use. Use caution when rolling refrigerator back into place, watching carefully for your water line to roll up evenly and not getting kinked up.

Refrigerator Moving:

It is important to know that if you have a stainless steel refrigerator and plan to use shrink wrap you will need to wrap a moving pad, sheet, blanket, etc. over the areas that are important to you. The shrink wrap against the surface can actually cause marks and damage to the surface if left for very long, setting in heat or long trips.

Before you go through the trouble of wrapping the surface be sure to measure correctly to see if the refrigerator will fit through your doorway. You may need to remove the refrigerator doors or handles.

If you have any questions please call 623-374-5696 one of our professional movers will be glad to answer any of your concerns or questions. If you are in the Phoenix area and would like to hire professional movers please visit our Moving Services page to see how we can help.