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Movers Prescott to Phoenix: Full-Service One Way Movers

Direct route movers Prescott to Phoenix, or any location in Arizona moving company. If you are moving to or from Prescott, we are located just down the hill and half way point to Phoenix. We offer affordable hourly rates and Flat Rate quotes.

Prescott is home to almost 45,000 and offers a wide range of activity and culture. With the perfect weather and the beautiful scenery it’s no wonder so many call it home. Whether you are moving on to another community, moving within Prescott or you are new here, we would like to be there for your entire transition. Click here for Prescott local services, news, and local resources.

We have been proudly serving Prescott and Arizona since 2002. We have the lowest amount of damage claims in the state of Arizona and with a 5 star customer rating; it doesn’t come as a surprise with our extensive movers training program.

We are family owned and operated right here in Arizona. When you hire Frontier Movers for your moving needs, you have hired an entire team of professionals that will assist you for the entire move. You will receive that personal touch and care that only family can provide.


Movers Prescott to Phoenix Moving Services
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We provide Moving Services in Prescott

Movers Prescott – Exclusive Moving Services

When it is time for you to select a professional moving company that provides movers Prescott Arizona, there are a number of determinants that need to be taken into consideration. Key among these are your own personal requirements. Expert relocation services should be able to tailor every aspect of your move in order to provide you with an exclusive Prescott moving experience while giving you peace of mind.

Whether you need a home or office moved, it is essential to choose a moving service provider that is reputable and reliable. The size of your move and whether you only need assistance with the heavy lifting or a more comprehensive moving service should also be taken into account. Any other specialized needs must be considered. For example, a small and quick move for a college student, medium residential move, large office relocation, or the special care that a senior citizen may require when relocating to an apartment, cottage or assisted living facility.

As your local movers Prescott, we provide all the necessary equipment that may be necessary for an effective relocation, including the option of a packing service, self-storage, disassembly and reassembly of your furniture. Keep in mind that a truly professional moving company from an exclusive, professional, local moving company comes with experience and skill.

Residential Moves

Moving to a new home can often be a considerably stressful event and is comparable to the same emotional trauma that is experienced due to a divorce or the death of a loved one. Professional movers Prescott specialists, take all the stress out of moving your home by ensuring that your move is well organized and administered from start to end. We have the experience to deal with fragile items, sensitive electronic equipment, furniture as well as home appliances. Special request can be made to relocate particular items such as a piano, artwork, or antiques.

Office Moves

No matter how big or small your office move, efficiency is key so that your business experiences as little downtime as possible as a result of relocation. Efficiency is of the utmost importance, but safety and security of all office goods are also of prime importance. Electronics, office equipment and devices need special care when being moved and while in transit. Office furniture often needs to be disassembled and reassembled when you are moving it. Let your employees continue with their important daily tasks while an expert moving company takes care of all your relocation needs.

College Moves

Sending your teenage son or daughter off to live at a university can be heartbreaking enough without having to watch them pack up and move out their personal items. A professional movers Prescott moving company is an ideal option to pack up a small number of personal belongings and some necessary furniture items to be relocated to a college. Whether the campus is located nearby or statewide, exclusive relocation services will provide you with the best option.

Senior Moves

Relocating and moving with elderly loved one presents unique challenges whether they are moving to smaller accommodations such as an apartment or family member, or require the additional care that is provided by a senior living establishment. Often their belongings, furniture items, and other goods have acquired a sentimental value that is far beyond the monetary value. Senior moves can also be an emotional experience. Professional moving services takes all these factors into account when providing for the needs of our senior citizens during a relocation.

Remember that additional services can be combined with any of the types of moves mentioned above. Supplying cardboard boxes, tape, and other packing materials, as well as a packing service, take even more of the stress and labor out of moving. Temporary storage may also be necessary to accommodate a time delay between leaving your current home and arriving at your destination. Here you will find a list of senior living facilities in Prescott.


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