Self-Storage Units – Phoenix Movers

The use of movers and self-storage units in Phoenix have become very popular in the past decade as storing household belongings is becoming necessary for us.  We are relocating in record numbers due to careers, home sales, divorces, foreclosures, and the list goes on.

When you hire professional Phoenix movers and rent a Phoenix self-storage unit you expect that all of your belongings will tightly fit into your storage unit. You expect that you can count on your Phoenix movers to pack your storage safely and properly. You will find some helpful tips below to ensure that your belongings will remain safe while in storage.

Storage – Appliances

We recommend your refrigerator and freezers be thoroughly dry and ventilated by leaving the doors slightly ajar. This will prevent odors and mold from forming as they are typically airtight.  Some goods may be stored inside of them such as small boxes and miscellaneous items. Be sure stoves and ranges are cleaned before storage as they will attract rodents and bugs.  Your Phoenix movers should be able to provide you with helpful appliance moving tips at the time of your move.

moving appliances

Storage – Furniture

Stand sofas and love seats on end in a protective bag or at least a movers pad at the bottom end. These are typically stored and moved standing upright on end. Cushions can be stored in a bag and placed on top of the sofas.

Do not store a table on its legs unless nothing will be placed on top of it. We recommend disassemble of the legs or flip it over to store it on top of a tier of cartons. Dining chairs can be placed on a top tier of cartons with the “seat to seat” this should bring you to ceiling height to occupy all of your usable space. Your Phoenix movers will have that mastered.

Storage – Mirrors, Glass tops, Screens and windows

These items must be stored upright on edge. Never lay them flat. It is best to wrap them in some cardboard, bubble wrap, spare sheets, blankets or purchase some storage moving pads from your Phoenix movers. It is best to store them in between the wall studs of your storage unit or between your mattress and box springs. You may even choose to store them near the door but whatever location you choose, you should place so cardboard on the floor for extra protection.

Storage – Bicycles, Garden Tools, and Metal Items

These items should be wiped down and be free of rust, dirt, grease, etc. You will want to take caution placing these items near any wood finish or fabric. Place them in a tier of their own or stack on the top of any tier to use up the ceiling height. You may even consider wiping them with a light coat of oil to prevent rust. If you decide to coat these items it may be best to wrap them in a sheet. Garden tools can be tied into bundles and coated with oil. Your Phoenix movers likely will not carry this type of oil with them so you will want to prepare before they load your belongings.

Storage – Cartons

Cartons should not have their own tier. Meaning they should never be stacked from the floor to the ceiling. The best place for cartons is on dresser tops, chest of drawers, entertainment centers, etc. Use the large furniture for a base and then stack on them. This will prevent your bottom cartons from being crushed and contents from being damaged.

Storage – Phoenix Movers

Obviously, we cannot cover every possible piece of furniture to be stored but we hope this gives you some ideas and insight to begin your preparation for the arrival of your Phoenix Movers.

Your Phoenix storage facility will be able to help you decide the size unit you will need as they are the professionals in their field. Your Phoenix movers will assist you in ensuring proper loading and packing of your rented storage unit. If you have any moving related questions please call us at 623-374-5696 or email

5′ x 10′
(50 square feet)
Walk-in closet bathroom
Studio or small one
bedroom apartment;
Mattress set, sofa,
chest of drawers or dresser, boxes and small miscellaneous items
Can also hold a single motorcycle
5′ x 15′
(75 square feet)
Large walk-in closet
Standard furnishings from
1 bedroom apartment without appliances or outdoor furniture,
lawn mowers, garden tools, and miscellaneous items
10′ x 10′
(100 square feet)
Average size bedroom
Furnishings from 1 or 2 bedroom  small apartment
with refrigerator, washer/dryer,
small items and boxes
10′ x 15′
(150 square feet)
Large bedroom
Furnishings from
2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment.
Furniture, appliances, boxes and extras; or can hold small vehicle or small boat
10′ x 20′
(200 square feet)
One car garage
Furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom house
Furniture, appliances,
boxes and miscellaneous;
or can hold a vehicle or small boat
10′ x 25′
(250 square feet)
Large one car garage
Moving van
Furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom house.
Furniture, appliances, garage extras, boxes and miscellaneous;
or can hold vehicle or
small boat along with other small items
10′ x 30′
(300 square feet)
Extra long garage
Furnishings from a 4 or 5 bedroom house.
Furniture, appliances, miscellaneous items and boxes.
(Will hold contents of a 40′ moving van)
Or can hold a vehicle or boat along with other small items and boxes.