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Our Training Program

Frontier Apt Movers is built on honesty, integrity, and devoted professionalism. We pride our moving company with our unique training program and we make safety our number one first priority. We implemented our training program in 2004 and we are having huge success with our satisfied customers. Our intentions were to provide top quality training to all of our movers, continuing to prove that we deserve the top recognition for our professional quality moving services.

Year after year we continue to have the lowest damage claims in the moving industry. Matter fact, our extremely low damage claims are unheard of according to spokesman for a moving company cargo insurance company.

“You may use our email correspondence , however my director will not allow my name or the company’s name to be used by any person or company.”

“We’ve been in business for over 30 years. We are the largest moving insurance company in the united states. We insure over 15,000 moving companies in the U.S. as well as many Fortune 500 companies, relocation departments. We have the best reputation in the industry for providing Full Replacement Cost insurance to Fortune 500 companies as well as directly to the customers of smaller moving companies. In 30 years of being in the Moving Insurance business, we have never known a single moving company, small or large, to have only $200 in damage for the Full Year. This small amount of damage is unheard of.”

~ Name Redacted

Our Training Program, New Hire

Once we decide to bring a new team member on board it is mandatory that each new hire completes our training program. We encourage our movers to be professional in every way possible. As you can see below, our movers receive several hours of training.

  • Each mover is required to watch our 3 hour video program
  • He gets 1 hour of consultation with the owner and our top movers
  • Each mover gets 30 minutes of inventory damage control training
  • He gets 2 hours rehearsal with specific furniture handling scenarios
  • Each mover receives 1 hour of training in our customer service program
  • He gets 1 hour of general packing and 1 hour of advanced packing
  • Each mover gets 1 hour of tier building (Packing a truck)
  • He gets 30 minutes of training in advanced maneuver techniques
  • A few select movers get 1 hour of specialized piano moving training
  • Finally, he gets 2 weeks of supervised hands on training in the field

We  have the absolute best customer service and top notch movers in the moving industry. We are detailed oriented, devoted to our customers, and professional every step of the way. At Frontier Apt Movers, we take great pride in our moving services.

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