Proper preparation is the key to saving money and will contribute to a successful move. By having everything prepped and ready prior to your moving team arriving, you will save time which means money.

  • An essential part of your Home, office or apartment move is to have detailed knowledge of your neighborhood or apartment building and the quickest route there.
  • Check at both locations for availability of parking. Keep in mind that our moving trailers and trucks are very tall in height and normally cannot fit under parking shelters, carports, in parking ramps, or low hanging trees or buildings. Parking a considerable distance from your door (normally increments of 120 feet) will necessitate a time consuming shuttle or long carry moving charges.
  • The availability of a suitable elevator for multi-floor office or apartment movers is recommended. Be sure the elevator is large enough to fit your largest pieces of furniture. Arrange to secure a special key to hold the elevator for the duration of the moving if possible. This will save time and it eliminates the wait as residents use the elevator.
  • It is highly recommended to have all leases/paperwork completed and in order with your keys in possession so that you are ready to be moved in without delay. Remember your movers have a schedule to keep, possibly another professional moving service to perform after yours.
  • Keep in mind that most moving quotes are given on a time estimate to complete your move.
  • Keeping your movers waiting could result in waiting charges unless it is based on an hourly rate.

Tips that will help lower your moving cost:

If your cartons are to be distributed to the proper rooms, be sure to correctly label them. Some customers find it easier to purchase different colored tape, (a low adhesive, multi color tape is available with specific rooms pre-printed), or sticky notes to direct movers to place the cartons in the proper rooms. This will save valuable time, as your movers will know exactly where to place them. Furniture can also be labeled or color coded for quick placement.

Remove shelves from bookcases. Remove glass shelves from TV stands, curio cabinets, hutches, china cabinets, etc. Please remove shelf pins and place them into a plastic bag.

If possible, keep a path clear for removal of large furniture first. Movers will normally begin with sofas, armories, and the tallest furniture.

Pets can become very nervous and confused during your relocation. It is a good idea to make arrangements for a pet sitter or clear out a room to hold them while your move is in progress.

Brighten your rooms by making sure your blinds or shades are open. If the room does not have lighting, leave a lamp in the room.

Turn off or redirect sprinkler systems that could over spray or flow onto walkways and driveways.


Flat Rate Quotes¬†– Prices are not based on time. No matter how long it takes our movers, your Flat Rate moving quote won’t change. Your price will be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. We also offer low competitive¬†Hourly Rates¬†quotes.

Keep your moving cost to a minimum