Moving company scams movers in Phoenix

We arrived at our scheduled move one morning to find that another moving company was already there and still loading our customer’s belongings. We noticed the surprised look on everybody’s face when we pulled up closer to the home.

As we approached the home the customer realized that she and her husband are being moved by another moving company that they did not hire. They quickly stopped all work in progress with only one more item to load. They made a few phone calls to the office of the moving truck that was sitting in their driveway. The moving company tried to tell our customer that they scheduled the move and even confirmed with them the day before.

The customer insisted the movers unload every piece of furniture from their truck immediately. They were forced to pay out a sum of money for work already performed or they would retain the property until it was paid. So the customer paid for it.

Once the other moving company left the residence the customer put a hold on the credit card and reported the company.

scam movers

Whew!!! The customer never looked at the company name on the moving truck and didn’t think anything of it when the movers arrived early and ready to work. Our customer stated that she called three moving companies for quotes two weeks prior and they were one of them. She gave them the moving date and her physical address and that’s all they needed.

Please beware of shaky moving companies in Phoenix that are out to scam your business. It is highly recommended to give minimal information about your actual location when you are only asking for a quote and never ever give a credit card number over the phone before your move is performed.

You should be able to obtain a moving quote in Phoenix with your zip code and your general location such as major cross streets and city name. You will be asked several questions about the details of the move such as items to be moved, square foot of the residence, stairs or long carry, etc. You will also be asked for the location of the new residence. It is highly recommended to give minimal information of the new location.

If this has ever happened to you or someone you know we would like to hear about your experience. Please do not include company names or trademark information.

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