Flat Rate Quotes – Prices are not based on time. No matter how long it takes our movers, your Flat Rate moving quote won’t change. Your price will be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. We also offer low competitive Hourly Rates quotes.


Moving Cost Calculator

Here is a simple formula for determining your approximate costs for local moving. This is only an estimated formula for an average local move. This doesn’t factor in packing, packing materials, special handling of antiques or artwork, disassembly or reassembly. This cost calculator is for the customer that has completed their own packing and prepping of furniture. We do offer full service moving and packing.

  • Apartments – Multiply the number of rooms by $130.00
  • Small Homes (900 to 1200 S.F.) – Multiply the number of rooms by $160.00
  • Medium Homes (1300 to 1800 S.F.) – Multiply the number of rooms by $190.00
  • Large Homes (1900 to 2500 S.F.) – Multiply the number of rooms by $210.00
  • Extra Large Homes (2600 to 3500 S.F.) Multiply the number of rooms by $250.00
  • Luxury Homes (5,000 to 10,000 S.F.) Multiply the number of rooms by Amex, The Black Card
  • Add 10% per garage stall (Unless you are using it for storage)
  • Add 30% for elevator at each location
  • Add 10% for each full staircase and 5% for split.
  • Add 10% for long carry, loading and unloading
  • For packing service add $12.00 to $15.00 per packed box. No packing materials.
  • (Do not count your standard bathrooms as a room. Except for packing)

Many things can change these time estimates. The exact time cannot be determined until your move is completed. This cost calculator is an average for ideal moving conditions with no special handling needs and proper preparation has been completed before movers arrive.

Holidays, weekends, and end of the month are high demand days and have higher hourly moving rates. Call our office for an exact guaranteed flat rate moving quote. 623-374-5696


Moving preparation

Clock preparation-staging boxes

Lowering your moving cost

There are a few things that you can do to prepare for your upcoming move. You can find more moving preparation tips and ideas on our website. It’s true that time equals money, especially when you’re paying your local movers by the hour. To put it into perspective, if your moving rate is $120.00 per hour, you are paying your movers $2.00 per minute to be there. Here are a few ideas that can save you money on your moving cost.

  • Packing your own cartons will save you a lot of money. Full service packing can more than double your labor cost, plus packing materials. We offer professional packing tips on our website.
  • Remove items from drawers. Movers cannot safely move furniture with unpacked items. It creates a safety hazard for our movers, your items, and even your furniture.
  • Strip your beds of linens and get them packed in large boxes. Do you really want to pay your movers to remove your blankets and pillows? It’s often acceptable to leave an old fitted sheet on your mattress to help keep it clean, if you’re not purchasing mattress bags.
  • Disassemble your beds, if you are comfortable with the process. Often, our movers will not reassemble anything that we didn’t disassemble. However, if you’re not comfortable with disassembly or don’t own the proper tools, leave that to the professionals. We don’t mind at all.
  • If you packed your own cartons, please don’t stage them in front of large furniture. You can stage them in each room where they were packed. It’s an easier process to load them in groups, and will be more efficient when placing them into the proper rooms. When you stage all of your cartons in one area, they won’t remain grouped and will slow the movers down having to drop each load into several different rooms.
  • The most expensive moving rates are weekends, holidays, and end of month. If you are moving at the end of the month and it happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, you will be paying premium rates. Often you can get better rates with more notice.
  • Organize – It will seem difficult to organize, but do your best. Keep walk-ways and doorways clear.
  • Make arrangements for pets to be gone for moving day. Movers usually don’t stop to close the door every time they carry an item to the truck. Pets can be a tripping hazard and often can get in the way. Also, pets can become distressed.
  • Appliances –  If we are moving appliances, it’s best if you can get a family member, or a handy man to disconnect water lines, vents, gas, etc. This is considered a third party service, and movers don’t generally perform these task.

Keep your moving cost to a minimum