Money-Saving Ideas for a Fun-Filled Housewarming Party

Having a new place to stay is an unforgettable milestone in one’s life. What better way to celebrate it than throwing a housewarming party?

Moving entails a lot of costs. The cost of renting or the down payment goes beyond thousands of dollars. Consider the service fees of a mover as well.

Aside from the costs, you’ll also spend much time sorting, disposing and packing your items. Once you arrive in your new home, you’re going to unpack and organize as well.
There are plenty of tasks and costs involved. It’s not surprising if you want to skip a housewarming party.

But if you’re keen on showing your place to your family and friends without incurring huge expenses, the following ideas will help make it possible.

Short Guest List

Don’t treat your housewarming party as a means for you and your guests to establish and strengthen connections. Think of it as an opportunity to update your family and close friends about your home and your life. Catch up on their lives as well.

You don’t have to invite every single family member and close friend. Just focus on those you cherish the most. If you think your family and circle of friends can hardly mingle together, consider inviting just one group for the initial housewarming. You can set up a lunch or dinner for the other group for another time.

Online Invites

The invitation tends to set the expectations for a party. If you won’t throw a grand one, there’s no sense in getting specially made invites and sending them personally.
You can notify them online instead. You can start by creating an event about your party in a social networking site or a messaging app. Include the theme, date, and location of the said event in the said feature. This can already serve as your invitation.

Add your would-be guests therein. If you wish to limit the number of people they’ll bring, message them beforehand and let them consider for a while. Tell them to confirm or deny by opting out of the online invite.

moving house warming party

DIY Backdrop and Other Decors

The highlight of a housewarming party is your home, as raw as it is. You won’t need elaborate decoration as you’re just setting up a small gathering.

You can consider a theme, but make sure it doesn’t scream too much formality. Go for fun and less formal ones like summer and florals. If the occasion coincides with a holiday, try incorporating holiday decors. In case you already have a Christmas tree, lights, and wreath, you don’t have to spend on decors anymore.

If your party is on a typical weekend and you want to make your home presentable, you might want to decorate using balloons you filled on your own. You can also make a welcoming message by printing out the letters on colored paper. You can print one or two letters per sheet. To save on ink, don’t fill the letters with colors; the outline should be enough. You can choose to cut out the letters as well before sticking them to an empty wall.

Using colored paper, you can also create rosettes as additional wall and hanging decors. The said paper craft is easy to do. First, fold the paper crosswise in such a way that it resembles an accordion. Next, fold it in half, lengthwise. Tie the middle using a thread and glue the parts that face each other. Make rosettes of various colors and sizes, and use them as a backdrop where your guests can take pictures.


Disposable dining wares are one-time expenses that just entail a waste of money. Instead of buying these, go for washable plates, spoons, fingers, and cups you already have.

Munchies and Go-To Drinks

Preparing a full set of dinner or lunch is expensive and time-consuming. Set your party for dessert or snack time. You can either make them your own or order from part-time entrepreneurs online.
For desserts, cupcakes and pies are the way to go. You can also put a chocolate fountain. Don’t forget to add a vegan option by providing fruit salad.

Finger foods are ideal for a simple yet fun-filled heartwarming party as well. You can include chicken wings and drumsticks in your menu. Prepare some cheese, olives, and sausage on sticks as well. Allow your guests to enjoy different flavors by offering various dips and sauces. For your sauces and dips, you can try store brands and make some of them yourself.

When it comes to drinks, you can offer soft drinks, juices and inexpensive cocktails. If one or some of your guests bring wines and beers, you can present them to the other guests as well. If you don’t have both the time and money to prepare meals, you may consider potluck instead.

Moving to a new place may entail you’re no longer as accessible as where you used to be. While you may be physically in a different neighborhood, make sure your old friends and family still feel like you are part of each other’s lives. A housewarming party, no matter how simple, helps you accomplish that.

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