Flat Rate Quotes¬†– Prices are not based on time. No matter how long it takes our movers, your Flat Rate moving quote won’t change. Your price will be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. We also offer low competitive¬†Hourly Rates¬†quotes.


Check Out Our Hourly Moving Rates

Please take the time to compare our Hourly Moving Rates with other Phoenix moving companies Rates. Keep in mind that our fleet of moving vans is not rented from your local self truck rental agencies and our equipment is not purchased from your local hardware store and our movers are not picked up from your local home building supply stores. We provide professional moving services for all size moves.

Hourly Moving Rates For Phoenix Area

Hourly moving rates are normally offered for local moving in the Phoenix metro and surrounding areas. Call for availability in your area. Time moving rates charges will begin when the movers arrive at your home. Time will end when the moving is completed and the truck is unloaded and all of our moving pads and equipment is placed back in a neat and orderly fashion. Time is rounded up to the nearest half hour. We also offer exact guaranteed flat rate moving quotes for those who like to plan their moving cost into their budget. These hourly moving rates are for our standard size moving truck. If you will need a large moving truck, please call us for your hourly moving rates

Our affordable hourly moving rates are as follows:

Monday – Thursday

Friday – Sunday

Last or First Week of the month

Monday – Thursday

Friday – Sunday

Last or First Week of the month

More About Hourly Moving Rates

These hourly moving rates are for two movers, one truck and all the basic moving equipment needed to safely complete your move. There is a minimum of two hours and a onetime trip charge. Our trip charge is based on your home location with zip codes that you will be moving to and from. Our trip charge includes fuel, labor fees and travel time to your residence. Extra charges will apply for wardrobe usage, shrink wrap, packing material such as cartons, tape, paper, etc. Please notify us if you will need any packing materials or special handling needs. If you will need more moving crews, larger truck size, or special handling requirements your move may be subject to premium rates. Please call for details. Premium moving rates start at $165.00/hour

Office Moves: Hourly moving rates $145.00-195.00/hour.
This includes two movers, one truck and basic equipment.

Average Hourly Moving Time Chart

The average number of movers and hours it will take for your move is shown below. The exact time and cost cannot be determined until move is completed and your furniture is placed in your home as you desire. This is for ideal moving conditions, no stairs, short walking distance, no special handling needs and all of your packing and move prepping has been completed.

Type of Residence Square Feet # of Movers Hours to Load Drive to Residence Hours to Unload Approx. Total Hours
Studio 450 2 1/2 1/2 hour 1/2 2 hour min.
1 Bed Apartment 700 2 1 1/2 Hour 1 2 1/2
2 Bed Apartment 900 2 1 1/2 1/2 Hour 1 3
2 Bed House 1,000 2 2 1/2 Hour 1 1/2 4
3 Bed House 1,700 2-3 2-3 1/2 Hour 2-2 1/2 4-6
4 Bed House 2,500 3-4 3-5 1/2 + 2-4 5-9
Larger 2,800+ 4+ 5+ 1/2 + 4+ 10+

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