Flat Rate Quotes – Prices are not based on time. No matter how long it takes our movers, your Flat Rate moving quote won’t change. Your price will be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. We also offer low competitive Hourly Rates quotes.


  1. When is the most expensive time to move?  May – September are the busiest months for all moving companies. The weekends and the last week of the month are the busiest so the rates are higher on this peak day. Being flexible with your moving date will get you cheaper rates.
  2. How soon should I begin contacting a moving company?  If you are relocating during peak months you will want to initiate contact 4 to 6 weeks prior to your moving day for information, moving rates and free estimates. This will give you time to check references, and check the moving company’s reputation. If you are moving during non-peak months or days generally a couple days to a couple weeks is sufficient.
  3. Can I leave items in drawers?  It is required that desk drawers, file cabinets, etc be completely emptied and packed into boxes. It is okay to leave clothes in dresser drawers. Please remove loose items such as jewelry, coins, etc.
  4. What should I expect when my in home moving specialist arrives?  It is recommended that you organize your closets, cupboards, pantry’s, etc. so your estimator can visually inspect each piece. Your estimator will thoroughly inspect each room in your home. Do not be alarmed if your estimator opens your cupboard doors, dresser drawers, cabinets, looks under beds, etc. especially if you require packing or full service moving. Your estimator will bring his worksheets back to our office where it will get calculated and quoted. Once your quote is ready you will be notified by one of our representatives of your quote and total moving cost.
  5. What about my plants?  Most moving companies will not move your plants and you may be required to move them yourself or have your gardener or landscaper move them. Your plants generally will begin to wilt in our moving trucks. Plants are difficult to keep stable unless they are specially packed in wardrobe cartons or comparable boxes. We do offer special packing.
  6. Will the movers bring extra packing supplies?  Do not count on the movers bringing specialized packing materials with them on the job. Packing materials are very expensive and can get dirty, damaged, or mutilated carrying them on the truck day after day. Please advise your moving representative if you will need any packing materials such as shrink wrap, cartons, bubble wrap, tape, wardrobe boxes, etc.
  7. Will the movers protect my furniture with moving pads?  Yes, all of our trucks have a minimum of 80 full size, van line quality, quilted moving pads as well as 20 to 30 burlap type moving pads. Each item with a finish will get padded and protected.
  8. Will the movers disconnect and reconnect my appliances? Most moving companies will not hook up water to your appliances as we are not qualified to do so. It is recommended to have a third party perform these services prior to your movers arrival.
  9. Will the movers place my furniture where it belongs?  Yes, you will need to direct the movers exactly where you want your item and they will place it exactly where you want it.
  10. Am I required to tip the movers?  You are not required to tip your movers. As with any other service industry, use your discretion to give a token of appreciation. If they did an excellent moving job, maybe consider leaving a tip.

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