Five Hidden Costs of Moving Everyone Should Consider

Even at face value, moving can be a relatively expensive activity regardless of whether you do this on your own or you hire moving experts. If you are using movers, you, of course, are going to have to pay the movers but the cost increases further when you take into account the additional fees for special requirements and unforeseen circumstances that can occur before, during, and after the move. In order to get a better picture of this, here are five hidden costs of moving everyone should consider while creating a budget for the activity.

Moving Costs

Packing Supplies

If you are working on a tight budget, then you are likely to do the packing yourself instead of hiring the movers to do it for you. In the latter case, the cost of packing supplies is typically included in their quotation. However, when you decide to pack on your own, then you would have to purchase the supplies needed, such as packing tapes, bubble wraps, markers, and corrugated boxes.

It might seem like a small amount only, but as you go along, these little things can add up to become a significant part of your moving budget. You also have to consider the quality of the materials that you are buying. Going for cheap supplies can cost you more later on when they break and cause damage to your possessions.

Fees for Special Services of the Moving Company

A good moving company will conduct an inspection of your belongings, as well as the delivery location before sending out a quotation. An even better one would provide you a breakdown of the costs, thereby showing you how they have come up with their proposal.

In case the moving companies you have inquired to did not provide this, you might end up with quotations that are not apples to apples. Even worse, you might be charged extra on the moving day itself since the special requirements have not been accounted for at the start of your transaction.

To prevent being surprised or confused over these additional fees, you must ask about the special services that the moving companies offer for an extra charge. For example, if the place you are moving into is located in the upper floors of a building, you might be charged a stairs fee in case there is no available service elevator that they can use to transport your belongings. Moving large furniture and appliances, as well as precious artworks and decors would also add up to the cost since such items would require additional care and manpower to handle properly.

Tips for the Movers

This would not be declared or demanded from you so it may be regarded as one of the hidden costs of moving everyone should consider. It is common courtesy to tip the movers upon accomplishing the job. For many, the amount would depend on how well they have performed and how extensive the move has been. There is no standard amount per se, but anything above $50 would be an acceptable amount for the tips of the movers.

Hotel Booking

Sometimes, the move cannot be accomplished in one day so you would be faced with a decision on where you would stay for the time being. Going back to your old place is out of the question since the bed has, most likely, been moved out already. Staying at a friend’s or relative’s place is a good and cheap option, but only when it is available for you to take.

Those who have no other option might even consider staying in the new place, regardless of whether or not the bed or couch has already been unpacked. However, if you would rather not subject yourself to the cold, hard floor, then you might end up staying at the nearest hotel instead. Since moving is quite a stressful affair, it would be better to rest well in preparation for the following days.

Restocking of supplies after moving into your new place

Leaving behind certain items when you move out of your old place is necessary, especially when the item has no more value like old mops or a worn-out couch. Your new pantry might also need to be filled up with the basic necessities. Therefore, upon moving in, you would have to go to the supermarket and replenish your stocks. The actual costs would depend on what is included in your shopping list, but on average, people allot around $200 for this.

It is easy to overlook these hidden costs of moving everyone should consider, given the much bigger matters that you have to take care of before, during, and after the move. You can avoid this through careful planning and preparation, and by simply asking your movers about their policies and services. For the latter, feel free to request for important information about the move, especially pertaining to their proposal. Save yourself from further stress by taking the time to evaluate if these hidden factors would affect your projected budget for the move.