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Chandler Arizona is home to some large manufacturing plants and firms such as Microchip, Motorola and Intel. With Chandler being one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, it certainly has unlimited reasons to relocate your home here. Maybe you are intrigued by our beautiful luxurious houses, public art program, luxury golf resorts or Chandlers city parks. Whatever is drawing you to our home community there is a little of something here for everyone. We want to be the first to welcome you to our community as we know you will enjoy living here in Chandler.

When you hire Frontier Movers Chandler, you have hired an entire team of professionals to assist you through your complete home moving experience. We specialize in customer care and provide professional full service moving in Chandler. We provide complete full service moving with specialized packing and handling care.

Proudly serving our Chandler community since 2002, we are the top choice of local movers Chandler. We are recognized as one of the best movers in the state of Arizona. Our damage claims remain the lowest in the industry and our service is top quality.

Frontier Movers : Top Rated Movers Chandler

Frontier Movers Chandler top provider of professional moving services. We hold a 5 star rating in google reviews, and an A+ rating with BBB since 2002. Our customer service is friendly, helpful, and professional. Our damage claims remain the lowest in the industry, because we are top rated professional movers Chandler has to offer.

What Do Movers Charge Per Hour?

Hourly moving rates can vary depending on the size truck needed, day of the moth, or even time of the year. It’s less expensive to move during the middle of the week and also less expensive during winter months. Hourly moving rates can be as low as $105.00 per hour, for two movers, standard truck, during the non-peak days.

Hourly moving rates can be high as $165.00 per hour for two movers, large truck, on a weekend. However, you can expect to pay even more if you need four movers and extra-large truck. If your move happens to fall on the last weekend of a peak month, you can expect to pay premium rates.

  • Is $50 enough to tip movers?
    The short answer is yes. Tips are never required and they are considered a gift of appreciation for good service. Movers generally receive $50 to split between two movers for a smaller move such as a one bedroom apartment or unloading your rental truck.


  • Is $20 enough to tip movers?
    Tips are never required and they are considered to be a gift of appreciation for good service. However, if you give your movers $20 to split and they were efficient and speedy on your move, they won’t be bragging about that tip.


  • Should you tip your movers and if so how much?
    Tips are never required and are considered to be a gift of appreciation for good service. If your movers are mediocre and not very efficient, you might not feel compelled to reward them. However, if your movers are conscientious and did an excellent job, you should reward them with a tip.


  • Is $200 a good tip for movers?
    If your movers were stealthy, detailed, and enthusiastic on your move, then $200 is a good tip. If your movers worked all day into the night, then that might be considered an average tip.


  • Why do movers charge so much?
    Moving companies have expensive operating cost. The highest cost is hiring professional movers that are in great physical condition and have the experience in all aspects of moving. Not only do movers need to live a healthy lifestyle, but they need to be athletic and capable of lifting and carrying heavy items all day, every day, but they need to be clean, polite, drug free, and not have a criminal record.They need to have experience in taking apart all different types of furniture, have experience in packing expensive glassware and artwork, loading trucks safely, and still have great customer service skills at the end of the day. These guys are difficult to find and they do not work cheap.The next expense is fuel, as most moving trucks get less than 10/MPG. The maintenance and upkeep on moving trucks can be rather expensive with the daily wear and tear of tires that can cost upwards of $2,500 to replace annually. Moving trucks put on a lot of miles each year and you can imagine that diesel mechanics are expensive, then you ad in the cost of up-keep for the cargo area with flooring, ramps, and moving equipment.It’s an extremely high risk industry with huge liabilities. Insurance is another expensive operating cost.


  • What is the best way to pack a TV for moving?
    If you saved your original box that would be the best for you and best for the movers. If you didn’t keep your original box, don’t stress. The next best thing would be to assemble the original stand or legs back on your TV. Your movers will have the best methods of protection with quilted moving pads and a safe area in the truck to protect your TV. You ca also purchase TV boxes, or request them from your movers.

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