Apartment Moving – Self Move

Apartment moving is the most common moving in the moving industry. Apartment moving has the least amount of challenges and is normally easier and quicker to perform. The furniture is normally smaller to better suit the size of living quarters and people usually have less to move such as no appliances, lawn and garden tools, water fountains, recreational vehicles, etc.

Apartment moving is typically lower in total moving cost because of the number of items to be moved with smaller closet spaces, and smaller bedrooms. Apartments have limited space, for example, the average apartment resident has one set of living room furniture, one dining room set. Without all the extras such as antiques, oversized furniture, home offices, and garage items you can easily see how quickly an apartment move would be.

The difficulties apartment moving poses are minimal but still exist. Parking a large moving van can be a challenge when trying to avoid blocking resident parking or trash dumpsters. It is important to be alert at all times to other residents leaving or arriving. It is an easy task if you take precautions when loading or unloading by making sure you don’t place items outside the moving van on the ground or around the loading ramp that way you will be more prepared to pull ahead to allow people into their assigned parking spot. When you are loading your moving van it is important to secure each item as it’s loaded or unloaded. This will enable you to pull ahead at a moments notice. The last thing you want is to have an irate neighbor late for work or doctors appointment.

Don’t let this video of a moving disaster happen to you!

Another challenge that has a simple resolution is the staircases on upper floor apartments. Most apartment complexes in the Phoenix area have stucco walls and rough texture landings. By taking extra precautions and preparing for your move before the work begins you can eliminate minor damage such as scratches and even major damage such as gouging and chipping. It is recommended placing moving pads over the railings and taping them in place creating a cushion to rub against. Placing a burlap moving pad on the landing is also a recommended procedure in the event the item being moved needs to be set down or stood up to maneuver the turn.

This is something that can be done by just about anyone if the proper precautions are taken. If you find that you don’t feel comfortable doing this your self or having your friends move you either, you can call upon Frontier Apt Movers. We are the local area professional movers in Phoenix.

We are professionals in all areas of moving and it is our duty to perform a safe and economical move for you. The complexities of apartment moving is not a challenge for us as we are very familiar with most all aspects of moving within apartment buildings as we specialize in apartment moving. We have been moving in Phoenix Arizona since 2002 and we proudly service the entire state of Arizona. We have built a solid reputation through the years and our professional moving services really stand out from the competition. 623-374-5696